Updated 2020-02-14

Deploying Hyperledger Besu Permissioning Management Dapp for Production

To deploy the Permissioning Management Dapp for production:

  1. Get the most recent release (tarball or zip) from the projects release page.

  2. Unpack the distribution into a directory available to your webserver.

  3. In the root of the directory to which the distribution was unpacked, add a file called config.json replacing the placeholders.

      "accountIngressAddress":  "<Address of the account ingress contract>",
      "nodeIngressAddress": "<Address of the node ingress contract>",
      "networkId": "<ID of your Ethereum network>"
  4. On your webserver, host the contents of the directory as static files and direct root requests to index.html

Starting a Production Permissioned Network

Follow the procedure as for Getting Started with Onchain Permissioning but do not perform the steps using yarn to install, build, and start the development server. Instead follow the procedure above to deploy the Permissioning Management Dapp to your webserver.