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Last update: December 2, 2021

IBFT 1.0

Besu nodes can operate (that is, submit transactions and receive blocks) in a Quorum IBFT 1.0 network, but cannot be validators.

To connect to a Quorum IBFT 1.0 network:

  1. In the Quorum IBFT 1.0 genesis file:

    • Update the consensus protocol specified in the config item from istanbul to ibft.
    • In the ibft item:
      • Change epoch to epochlength.
      • Add blockperiodseconds, the minimum block time in seconds.
      • Add requesttimeoutseconds, the timeout for each consensus round before a round change, in seconds.
      • Remove policy. Besu always uses a round-robin validator selection policy.
    • Remove the configuration item isQuorum: true.
        "config": {
         "ibft": {
           "epochlength": 30000,
           "blockperiodseconds": 2,
           "requesttimeoutseconds": 4,
           "policy": 0,
           "ceil2Nby3Block": 0
  2. When starting Besu, specify the IBFT 1.0 genesis file using the --genesis-file option.

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