Updated on July 29, 2020

Signing privacy marker transactions

You can sign privacy marker transactions with either a random key or a specified key. To sign privacy marker transactions with a specified private key, use --privacy-marker-transaction-signing-key-file when starting Hyperledger Besu.

In networks where you pay gas, you must specify a key and the associated account must contain adequate funds.

In free gas networks, to provide further anonimity by signing each privacy marker transaction with a different random key, exclude the --privacy-marker-transaction-signing-key-file command line option when starting Besu.

Using account permissioning and privacy

You cannot use Account permissioning with random key signing.

If using account permissioning and privacy, a signing key must be specified using the --privacy-marker-transaction-signing-key-file command line option and the signing key included in the accounts allowlist.


Besu signs privacy marker transactions during the private transaction process.