Updated on March 16, 2020

Accounts for testing

You can use existing accounts for testing by including them in the genesis file for a private network. Hyperledger Besu also provides predefined accounts for use in development mode.

Development mode

When you start Besu with the --network=dev command line option, Besu uses the dev.json genesis file by default.

The dev.json genesis file defines the following accounts used for testing.


Do not use the following accounts on mainnet or any public network except for testing.

The private keys are displayed here which means the accounts are not secure.

Account 1 (Miner Coinbase Account)

  • Address: 0xfe3b557e8fb62b89f4916b721be55ceb828dbd73
  • Private key : 0x8f2a55949038a9610f50fb23b5883af3b4ecb3c3bb792cbcefbd1542c692be63
  • Initial balance : 0xad78ebc5ac6200000 (200000000000000000000 in decimal)

Account 2

  • Address: 0x627306090abaB3A6e1400e9345bC60c78a8BEf57
  • Private key : 0xc87509a1c067bbde78beb793e6fa76530b6382a4c0241e5e4a9ec0a0f44dc0d3
  • Initial balance : 0x90000000000000000000000 (2785365088392105618523029504 in decimal)

Account 3

  • Address: 0xf17f52151EbEF6C7334FAD080c5704D77216b732
  • Private key : 0xae6ae8e5ccbfb04590405997ee2d52d2b330726137b875053c36d94e974d162f
  • Initial balance : 0x90000000000000000000000 (2785365088392105618523029504 in decimal)

Genesis file

To use existing test accounts, specify the accounts and balances in a genesis file for your test network. For an example of how to define accounts in the genesis file, see dev.json.

To start Besu with the genesis file defining the existing accounts, use the --genesis-file command line option .