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Last update: October 29, 2021

Alethio Ethereum Lite Explorer

Use the Alethio Ethereum Lite Explorer to explore blockchain data at the block, transaction, and account level.

The Alethio Ethereum Lite Explorer is a Web application that connects to any Ethereum JSON-RPC-enabled node. The Explorer does not require an online server, hosting, or trusting third parties to display the blockchain data.


Run using Docker

To run the Ethereum Lite Explorer using the Docker image:

  1. Start Besu with the --rpc-http-enabled option.


    To run Besu in development mode:

    besu --network=dev --miner-enabled --miner-coinbase=0xfe3b557e8fb62b89f4916b721be55ceb828dbd73 --rpc-http-cors-origins="all" --host-allowlist="*" --rpc-http-enabled --data-path=/tmp/tmpDatdir
  2. Run the alethio/ethereum-lite-explorer Docker image specifying the JSON-RPC HTTP URL (http://localhost:8545 in this example):

    docker run --rm -p 8080:80 -e APP_NODE_URL=http://localhost:8545 alethio/ethereum-lite-explorer
  3. Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser to view the Lite Explorer.

    Ethereum Lite Explorer

    Default HTTP port

    We are using port 8080 to run the Ethereum Lite Explorer so the EthStats Lite can use port 80, allowing you to run both at the same time.

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