Updated 2020-03-05

Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack (also known as ELK) is a common open-source log management platform.

Besu Sample Networks provides example implementations using Elastic Stack for log management.

The Filebeat configuration ingests the logs and outputs them to Redis for storage. Redis provides a highly available mechanism enabling log storage by any of the Elastic Beats and pulled by Logstash as required.

The pipeline configuration defines the JSON format used for Besu logs and automatically picks up any new log fields.


The pipeline configuration must match the your log format. If using the default, you can use the grok plugin to extract the log fields.

To see the Besu Sample Networks logs in Kibana:

  1. Start the Besu Private Network Example, adding the -e parameter to the run.sh command.
  2. Open the Kibana logs address listed by the sample networks list.sh script. The logs display in Kibana.