Updated 2019-12-16

Run Orion with Besu

To enable privacy functionality in production systems, Orion must be highly available and run in a separate instance to Hyperledger Besu.


Privacy requires Orion to be highly available.

All private transaction participants must be online for a private transaction to be successfully distributed. If any participants are offline when the private transaction is submitted, the transaction is not attempted and must be resubmitted.


If a receiving Orion is available when the private transaction is distributed but is unavailable when the privacy marker transaction is processed, the private transaction is not executed by the receiving Besu node. The private states in the Besu nodes are then inconsistent.

Separate Instances

For production systems, we recommend running Besu and Orion in separate instances. If running Besu and Orion in the same instance, restrict the amount of memory used by each JVM to ensure each has enough memory.