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Configure alternative elliptic curves


Configuring alternative elliptic curves is an early access feature.

By default, Besu uses the Ethereum standard secp256k1 elliptic curve (EC). However, when running nodes in a private network, it is possible to configure an alternative elliptic curve.

The configuration for what elliptic curve Besu will use is done in the network configuration section of genesis file, using the ecCurve key:

"genesis": {
"config": {
"ecCurve": "secp256k1",

All nodes in the network MUST use the same elliptic curve. Nodes with different EC configuration from the network won't be able to send messages to other nodes or verify transactions and blocks.

Besu supports the following elliptic curves:

  • secp256k1 (Ethereum default)
  • secp256r1