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Send concurrent private transactions

Private transaction processing involves two transactions, the private transaction and the privacy marker transaction (PMT). The private transaction and the PMT each have their own nonce.

If your private transaction rate requires sending private transactions without waiting for the previous private transaction to be mined, using eth_getTransactionCount and eea_sendRawTransaction may result in incorrect nonces.

In this case, use priv_distributeRawTransaction instead of eea_sendRawTransaction.


You can use priv_getTransactionCount or priv_getEeaTransactionCount to get the nonce for an account for the specified privacy group or participants.

Send the corresponding PMT using eth_sendRawTransaction, specifying the public PMT nonce. This method allows you to create and send the PMT yourself rather than eea_sendRawTransaction handling the PMT.


When using priv_distributeRawTransaction to distribute transactions with consecutive nonces for the same account, the corresponding PMTs must use one account with the nonces in the same order as the private transactions.

This is to ensure that the private transactions are executed in the correct order.


The web3js-quorum library includes an example of how to send concurrent private transactions. The example uses offchain privacy groups. Use priv_getPrivacyPrecompileAddress to get the precompile address to specify in the to field when creating the PMT.